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Take Care of the Artist

A performer’s lifestyle is stressful: facing impossible working hours and then waiting for work for months makes you anxious. Performance pressure and constant standby are challenging. Your show is on location; you feel lonely and bored on your days off and you lose personal relationships. You feel disconnected from yourself and others. You need to reconnect.

Build Industry Reputation

You work in bad conditions and are exhausted from feeling utterly mistreated. You think there is so much more in you than the work you are given. You suffer injustice from an important industry person but don’t want to risk your career for hasty reactions. Redefine your perspective to become a role model effectively and with integrity.

Safeguard Public Image

You feel the need to become better known to meet the standards you set for yourself. Maintaining a social media presence takes all your energy, but walk on eggshells not to attract any wrong attention. You have no privacy, your life is under constant scrutiny, and all your statements are maliciously targeted. You need to rule the press and social media.

About Me

I am an actress and will always be.

I’ve come a long way from a Hungarian village to becoming a working actress. Ever since I was six years old, I wanted to do something impactful, but to make a living in acting was not realistic in my country during the 80s. I spent all my pocket money on acting classes thinking that a certificate would kickstart my career, but not much happened for years afterward. I could hardly get results despite regularly marketing myself all over the place and staying up at night applying for casting calls. My family was worried that I aspired to a career in such an uncertain and unconventional industry that they could not support me. But I didn’t give up. Instead of listening to all the discouraging voices, I shut my mouth, rolled up my sleeves, and changed my method. As a result, I booked my first important role and started to work full time.

I’ve been on the rollercoaster of the entertainment industry for nearly 25 years now and have witnessed many talents not getting the success they’d deserve while others -less talented, obtain excellent and ongoing results. I came to the point in my life when I was willing to share my knowledge to help you do more of what you love: acting and making a living out of it!

Andrea Osvart is an international multi-award-winning actress with over 50 acting credits starring opposite movie stars like Robert Redford, Clive Owen, Bruno Ganz, J.K. Simmons, Mattias Schweighöfer, and Heino Ferch. She has also produced feature films sold to Netflix and HBO.

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Craig Bierko

“I met Andrea on the set of a movie in which we co-starred. I was immediately struck and relieved by Andrea’s total lack of artifice, natural warmth and ability to manage any setback – minor or life-altering – nothing distracted her from that day’s work.I have no doubt, this instinct for focus is the reason Andrea continues to accumulate such an impressive and varied body of work. I felt a measure of humility that affected my performance as she gently offered information that helped me understand how I could overcome my own barriers. Her gift for isolating an issue, accessing her own experience and applying it to someone who works differently, kept her a valued friend, who finds her joy in helping others to find theirs.”

Jasmine Van Deventer

“Working with Andrea has changed my approach to my career in the most positive way possible. Our work together helped me to create a new working dynamic that has allowed for real growth to occur in both my professional and personal life. With her knowledge, sincere commitment to her clients, and genuine desire to see them thrive, she helps you to pave a path for success professionally, and unlike any other coach I have ever worked with. Throughout these last three months, I not only started to truly engage with my desires as an actor in a clear and strategic way, but I ended up achieving a great deal of my goals, both personal and professional: I signed with an agent, I made a critical move for my life and my career, I started committing to myself and my goals in ways that felt so much more concrete and conducive than ever before. Andrea’s support, willingness to really dive into the difficult questions with me, and sincere care and desire to see me thrive, gave me the tools to shift my own perspective regarding what’s possible and how to honor my goals and bring them to fruition.
For anyone seeking to work with someone to help advance their professional life as an artist in this field, Andrea is the person I recommend above all. She is an incredibly gifted and talented actress and professional,and she brings this to her work, as well. She sees in you what you mightnot see in yourself and does what’s necessary to bring you into alignment with your vision for your life and your career.”

Ipek Seyalioglu

“I consider our encounter as good luck. You have cleared the fog that was blinding me in front of my eyes.”

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Take the Lead to be a LEAD ACTOR

Helping Actors Succeed in Entertainment Through Conscious Choices and Managing Their Resources Effectively