Actors sometimes come through as egocentric, outgoing, extroverted individuals, for some may be too artistic or even difficult people to deal with. I know some difficult actors for sure, but I can also state that 99% of the actors I have met during my career were the most genuine, loving, and open-hearted individuals I’ve ever met. 

When delivering a performance, an actor intends to create, connect, give and see a spark of happiness in others’ eyes. We want to leave an impact, change, and move people for the better. We have to be aware, however, that this looks very different from the spectators’ point of view:

Some people just see us extroverts chasing the spotlight, fame, and enjoying being talked about. Unfortunately, they don’t realize those are the hustling side effects of our profession that we don’t necessarily choose for ourselves.

I’ll never forget the moment in my life when I first heard that sentence. It was painful and went deep. A film producer I admired, adored, and believed in once said, as if it was the world’s most natural thing, “I’d never be an actor.” 

What??? Excuse me? Could you please be more considerate or explain? I am an actor sitting at your table! He realized his bias and tried to make it up to me, but it was too late. I started feeling nauseous and that my world, my complete belief system, had crashed. I just could not believe what I had just heard. Why? I asked myself. Why would he never be an actor? Isn’t this the most beautiful profession in the world, where people can create beautiful emotions and impact other people’s lives? What a privilege, I thought. Or is it not? A small doubt started to arise in me. Why? I kept asking myself. He is a film producer; he must have his reasons for saying that. What can be his motive? I couldn’t stop thinking about this for a long time and tried to rationalize his point of view. Slowly, the fog started to clear in front of my eyes. Today, having produced a few movies myself as well, I see. After more than ten years, I finally understood what he meant.

Our ancient profession is sacred and was supposed to be respected. That is why actors are sometimes applauded, celebrated, and put on a pedestal. However, it is not by accident that people go crazy for certain actors. Fans would die for an autograph or a joint selfie with their idol. The reason behind that is that these actors have the magic ability to make people come together and help them connect not only with others but also with themselves. 

Talent: Through acting, the audience feels exactly how the actors feel. 

Emotions: (Energy-In-Motion) is what we all want to experience to feel alive

That is a gift. Not many people have the power to impact the lives of thousands. Yet, it can seem from the outside that we are attention-seekers who desperately need company and to be praised. 

I believe the answer is somewhere in the middle. Why do certain people become actors while others don’t? Actors’ personality definitely needs more feedback and supply from the outside world than a regular person’s. We outsource our entire existence, energy, and life into the hands of others, and that can become very dangerous over time. It is nice to be directed on set, but we have to act self-responsible off stage and make ourselves conscious that outsourcing life decisions are childish behavior. 

Of course, we have to play like a child when working; that is our job, but be careful: you have to act like an adult in real life because there is no director on set. Do not expect others to tell you what or how to do things constantly. Instead of shifting responsibility onto others, when insecure, take a deep breath and look for the answers within. Otherwise, your perception could be a needy, clinging, people-pleasing person that responsible people and decision-makers smell and avoid from far because instead of getting the truth.

That is why it is so difficult the contradictive life of an actor: being praised when obeying and acting childish on set, but ridiculed, criticized, and overlooked in life when needing some guidance and support.

The seven pillars of a happy entertainer life are:

  1. Artistic
  2. Physical
  3. Intellectual
  4. Social
  5. Emotional
  6. Psychological
  7. Spiritual

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