Take the Lead to be a LEAD ACTOR

Helping Actors Succeed in Entertainment Through Conscious Choices and Managing Their Resources Effectively

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Andrea.
I am an actress and will always be.

I’ve come a long way from a Hungarian village to becoming a working actress. Ever since I was six years old, I wanted to do something impactful, but to make a living in acting was not realistic in my country during the 80s. I spent all my pocket money on acting classes thinking that a certificate would kickstart my career, but not much happened for years afterward. I could hardly get results despite regularly marketing myself all over the place and staying up at night applying for casting calls. My family was worried that I aspired to a career in such an uncertain and unconventional industry that they could not support me. But I didn’t give up. Instead of listening to all the discouraging voices, I shut my mouth, rolled up my sleeves, and changed my method. As a result, I booked my first important role and started to work full time.

I’ve been on the rollercoaster of the entertainment industry for nearly 25 years now and have witnessed many talents not getting the success they’d deserve while others -less talented- obtain excellent and ongoing results. I came to the point in life when I am willing to share my knowledge to help you do more of what you love: acting and making a living out of it!

Andrea Osvart is an international multi-award-winning actress with over 50 acting credits starring opposite movie stars like Robert Redford, Clive Owen, Bruno Ganz, J.K. Simmons, Mattias Schweighöfer, or Heino Ferch. She has also produced feature films sold to Netflix and HBO.

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About My Program


Who It Is For?

I empower Dreamers and Lightworkers on how to become an inspiration for others and be the catalysts of their own success as Actors, Athletes, Creatives, High Achievers, and Performers.

Andrea Osvart is an actress with a thriving career of nearly 25 years in the global film industry. By working with her, you’ll learn what it takes to become successful in any highly-competitive field and how you can handcraft your success by applying conscious choices. Andrea will walk you through all issues you are currently facing and help you develop easy-to-do short-term objectives for long-term results to be the fearless and successful performer you’ve always dreamt of.


Who It Is Not For?

  • People who are afraid of success
  • People not committed to taking responsibility for their careers
  • People who only want to act but are unwilling to deal with business
  • People who are making no effort to upscale their careers
  • People who are not aiming for constant growth & steady income
  • People OK with staying in their comfort zones
  • People who don’t have a burning desire to make it
  • People who are thinking of giving up without trying new ways
Module One



  • Get clarity on the beliefs driving your artistic life
  • Name your goals for a breakthrough
  • Eliminate fears & excuses
  • Map the right steps to take
  • Intrigue interest & change the way people see you


Becoming a performer is a dream of many, but how come only 2% of performing artists can sustain artistic life in the long term? Even the most talented ones sometimes remain forever stuck between the four walls of an acting school without ever facing the real-life side of the entertainment business.

When you decide to become part of show business, you must be clear of your resources to use them at your best and lay out the principles for a well-founded professional career.

Module Two

Actors’ Duty


  • Actors resources
  • Daily, weekly, monthly routine plan to remain focused
  • Ability to turn your weaknesses into strengths
  • Right way of networking
  • Approach agents and casting directors effectively
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • How to use professional platforms
  • Ability to stand out
  • Learn the powerful tools of presence
  • Learn to be versatile


Actors easily get derailed, lose focus, and lay back once they receive an opportunity. They feel relieved as they think getting a role is a goal obtained instead of thinking it is a tool for further growth.

Understand the art of making your personality stand out in a crowd by using powerful tools to elevate your presence and being more versatile.

One of the most challenging things for an actor is getting consistent work and staying afloat for a prolonged time. Many skills are needed that are not taught in acting schools.

Module Three

Industry Reputation


  • Learn what it means to be professional
  • Earn respect
  • Techniques of speaking up without losing your job
  • Stop being underrated
  • Set your preferences: prestige, mainstream, or both?
  • Stay away from negativity


Once becoming an established actor; you’ll face new challenges. Working away from home and enduring long shooting hours can defy your energies and deplete your emotional batteries.

This is when you can prove your worth to the industry and the world. Are you able to deliver a steady workflow? Can you control your instincts and act like a pro? Will you allow hard days and negative events to ruin your dreams? It is all up to you and how you manage yourself and your resources.

Know how to communicate with assertion, not lose respect, and never be underrated by the entertainment industry.

Module Four

Press & Media


  • Internal & external communication
  • Safeguard your public image
  • Learn from the most outstanding actors
  • Endure injustices, and mental stress
  • Build and keep a solid social status
  • Disarm attacks easily
  • Avoid being targeted by narcissists


Once you’ve reached success, you’ll face new challenges again. Being constantly scrutinized, judged, and criticized by unknown people is painful. Getting much-unwanted attention sometimes can be even scary.

You have to be careful about what, how, and who you communicate with before a gossip whirl sucks you deeper and deeper into a spiral that could cost your career.

Module Five

Keep What You Achieved


  • How to plan and prevent mistakes
  • Avoid the trap of being overconfident and losing everything
  • Manage your time and money effectively
  • Build upon alternative income sources to be always safe
  • Find work in transitioning times that save you
  • Tools to lower your chances of facing depression & anxiety
  • Enjoy family support for delivering steady results
  • Feel appreciated by society
  • Have an impact on people’s lives


When you achieve the success you deserve, you still can not stop working. So many bad examples in front of us of celebrities and actors losing fame, money, and eventually ending up in jail, etc. Learning from the mistakes of others is intelligence, but you have to know beforehand what challenges to expect at this stage. Like climbing a mountain: the higher you get, the less oxygen you’ll find, and you have to prepare physically and mentally to return home safe every day.

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