Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do I work with my clients?

My goal is to find out, and eliminate whatever prevents you from advancing. I share with you my knowledge of expertise on how to succeed in this ever-changing entertainment business, give you my personal insight and hold your hand behind the scenes to help you create a lasting career.

— Why

Performing artists meet many obstacles on various levels in show-business but no-one tells them how to work around them, so 98% actually give up.

— What

Successful actors instead, have their methods to control the flow of their business. There is a way and a structure to enjoy and withstand the elevation process I can share with you.

— How

We will break down, customize and develop the necessary steps to take so you can finally be seen and heard.

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2. What can I expect from the call?

I am going to be doing a high level personal analysis so we can determine the root issue of what’s NOT working in your life and once we’re both clear on what’s going on there we’ll discuss your goals. If we both feel that working together is your next best step towards achieving your goal and solving your issue, we’ll talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, I still point you to the direction of other resources that will help you better.

3. Who is Andrea Osvart?

Andrea Osvart is an actress with over 40 films on her resume, who started her acting mentoring career when she realised so many actors asked and listened to her advice on how to build a long lasting and glorious career in the film business. She deeply understands the demanding performing lifestyle and her advice will be most valuable to open your eyes to certain essential things that you decided not wanting to see before.

Andrea Osvart IMDB

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“I met Andrea on the set of a movie in which we co-starred. I was immediately struck and relieved by Andrea’s total lack of artifice, natural warmth and ability to manage any setback – minor or life-altering – nothing distracted her from that day’s work. I have no doubt, this instinct for focus is the reason Andrea continues to accumulate such an impressive and varied body of work. I felt a measure of humility that affected my performance as she gently offered information that helped me understand how I could overcome my own barriers. Her gift for isolating an issue, accessing her own experience and applying it to someone who works differently, kept her a valued friend, who finds her joy in helping others to find theirs.”

Craig Bierko


“Working with Andrea has changed my approach to my career in the most positive way possible. Our work together helped me to create a new working dynamic that has allowed for real growth to occur in both my professional and personal life. With her knowledge, sincere commitment to her clients, and genuine desire to see them thrive, she helps you to pave a path for success professionally, and unlike any other coach I have ever worked with. Throughout these last three months, I not only starting to truly engage with my desires as an actor in a clear and strategic way, but I ended up achieving a great deal of my goals, both personal and professional: I signed with an agent, I made a critical move for my life and my career, I started committing to myself and my goals in ways that felt so much more concrete and conducive than ever before. Andrea’s support, willingness to really dive into the difficult questions with me, and sincere care and desire to see me thrive, gave me the tools to shift my own perspective regarding what’s possible and how to honor my goals and bring them to fruition.
For anyone seeking to work with someone to help advance their professional life as an artist in this field, Andrea is the person I recommend above all. She is an incredibly gifted and talented actress and professional,and she brings this to her work, as well. She sees in you what you mightnot see in yourself and does what’s necessary to bring you into alignment with your vision for your life and your career.”

Jasmine Van Deventer

“I consider our encounter as good luck. You have cleared the fog that was blinding me in front of my eyes.”

Ipek Seyalioglu